Suicide on Regional Rail tracks for murder suspect

A local man, Thomas Borden, who was a suspect for a murder in NYC, was in hot pursuit by police near the Jenkintown train station when he jumped in front of a West Trenton Regional Rail Line train at approximately 11 am.

Update: here is video footage of the police investigation.  Scroll to the bottom of that link for an interview with his ex-girlfriend.

What’s up with the Warminster line?

Number 458

The media reports that five people, including three apparent suicides, were killed by train in Montgomery County on the Warminster line in 2011.

June 18… Christopher Moyer, suicide

June 21… Amber Witkowsky, sucide

July 18… Steven Joseph Bond (age 34), listening to headphones

Dec 19… Scott Stevens (age 24), listening to headphones

Dec 21… Steven Gregory (aged 22), suicide

Be careful out there, folks.

(image credit: flickr user rorowe8.)