SEPTA’s shockingly bad floor “art” in Spring Garden BSL station

In 2009, SEPTA issued a call to artists to liven up the Spring Garden BSL station as part of its Art in Transit program.  At the time, I was still stewing that SEPTA had rejected the How Philly Moves project for the 46th Street El, choosing, instead, a bland sculpture of a couple people dancing.

Well, the Spring Garden BSL project has now been installed.  And it’s, well, rather underwhelming.

It’s a series of pictures on the platform floor by artist Margery Amdur.  It’s been roundly panned by the commenters on Philadelphia Speaks (“looks like someone vomitted on the floor,” “crap ass tile and ugly art,” “The workmanship is beyond abysmal,” and “fugly.”)

It ain’t pretty.

Meanwhile, the rejected project for the 46th Street El Station?  It’s been installed on a much larger scale on the parking garage at the Airport.  And it looks terrific.