If 219 SEPTA cops strike & no one notices, did it still happen?

As SEPTA’s 219 unionized police officers continue to bargain with SEPTA management, the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that they’re only 35 cents per hour apart.  Time to split it down the middle and call it a contract?

In the meantime, Philly cops, SEPTA police management, and private rent-a-cops are covering.  Where’s the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) on this?  They’re asking their members not to volunteer to do overtime, but permitting them to cover SEPTA police shifts.  As a union man myself, I’m surprised the FOP is crossing the picket line.  Then again, I haven’t seen too many SEPTA cops visibly walking the line.

All in all: a pretty tepid strike over–if the media is to be believed–pretty small potatoes.

Meanwhile, Philly cops nabbed an alleged bad guy on the El tracks near City Hall during Thursday’s evening rush.