City Councilman wants SEPTA to buy the BSL and EL

This short video explains Councilman Goode’s idea that SEPTA should buy the Broad St Subway and 1/2 of the EL trains.  The original lease for the two lines goes back to 1968 and may or may not have expired in 2005.  SEPTA says it doesn’t have the money to buy the subways. 

A vote is expected next week on Goode’s proposal that would authorize City Council to open hearings to examine the relationship between the City and SEPTA to see if more money can be generated for the city.

One example of how SEPTA is making money off City-owned infrastructure is AT&T Station (formerly known as Pattison Station), which SEPTA sold naming rights in 2010 to AT&T for $5 million.

I’m sure we will hear more about this in the coming weeks, months – or years. 

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