By popular vote, meet SEPTA’s top lovers

Last month, we told you about SEPTA’s contest to find riders who had found love while riding SEPTA.

The votes have been tabulated, the results are in, the press releases have been issued, and the love train has left the stadium.

We have a winner:

Love Found On Route 31

Our eyes first met in the fall of 2006, I caught Michael’s bus(31) on time every morning. I said good morning He said hello. I took my seat. This went on for two years until one day I didn’t see him anymore. Well in the summer of 2009 leaving work too tired to walk to the trolley, I decided to catch the 31home and when the doors opened, it was love at first sight. We smiled at each other like where have you been? On 12/25/11 Michael proposed to me and now we will live happily ever after 🙂

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SEPTA loves lovers

Just like last year, SEPTA is sponsoring its SEPTA Love Stories contest again just in time for St. Valentine’s Day.  Did you meet your sweetie on SEPTA?  Let SEPTA know!

The couples with the most “moving” stories will win an invitation to”El”-evate their love to a whole new level by riding the “Love Train” on Sunday, February 12. The “Love Train”, a specially decorated Market-Frankford Line train, will take the winning couples on a romantic ride with a perfect view of the Mural Arts Program’s “Love Letters” followed by a Champaign reception in downtown Philadelphia. 

Jamere and Marcia won the contest last year.  From their story:

In 2002, Jamere & I (Marcia) would see each other everyday on the 56 bus and would get off at the same stop (Broad & Erie) to catch the XH bus. One day in October 2002, Jamere approach me and started a conversation. He then gave me his telephone number. That night Jamere and I stayed on the phone until the early mornings knowing that we both had to work the next day. Everyday I leave work exactly at 3:30pm just to see him on that 56 & XH bus. We have never left each others side since. Now 2011, Jamere & I have two children (a boy & a girl). On September 10, 2010 we got married at the justice of peace and are trying to plan a reception this September 10, 2011 to celebrate our first year of marriage with family and friends.

You can read the entries that have already been posted–there are 16 as of this writing–and vote for your favorites here.

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