The coolest Facebook group ever

Someone recently told me about the Facebook group called “Old Images of Philadelphia.”  Every day, the author posts several beautiful photos of historic Philadelphia for the group’s 11,000 fans.  Many of them, such as the two above, are public transit oriented.

O.I.O.P captions the first:

When the Frankford Elevated Line was being built over Kensington & Lehigh Avenues. The red arrow shows two brave workers who posed for the camera balancing themselves on a steel beam between the newly constructed track beds and if you notice they are not wearing any type of safety equipment and there’s no safety net down below on Kensington Avenue to catch them if they fell, workers back in these days were either brave or crazy but they got the job done – June 10th 1919

…and the second:

West Philadelphia – Vehicles wait for the traffic light to change under the Market-Frankford Elevated Structure at 46th & Market Streets heading West on December 16th 1954 ( The gated area with Tree’s is now a parking lot for ALDI’s Supermarket and the West Park Public High Rise Housing Projects are not visible because they were not built until 8 years after this picture was taken )

Not a fan?  You really ought to be.

(image credit.)