Bad weekend for SEPTA bus drivers

Two seperate incidents happened over the weekend that injured SEPTA bus drivers.

On late Saturday night, 3 teenagers dragged a bus driver off the 52 bus and assaulted him, leaving him with a possible broken nose and stitches.  All three teens were picked up by police only a few blocks from the incdient. 

And early Sunday morning, a 42 bus was hit by an SUV that went through a red light causing the bus to crash into multiple cars and a tree on Spruce St.  The bus driver and a handful of passengers were injured in the accident.  SEPTA left a note on all of the cars that were damaged to contact them regarding the accident.  

Come on folks, as noted in the Inquirer this morning, Sunday was the 3rd Annual International Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

By popular vote, meet SEPTA’s top lovers

Last month, we told you about SEPTA’s contest to find riders who had found love while riding SEPTA.

The votes have been tabulated, the results are in, the press releases have been issued, and the love train has left the stadium.

We have a winner:

Love Found On Route 31

Our eyes first met in the fall of 2006, I caught Michael’s bus(31) on time every morning. I said good morning He said hello. I took my seat. This went on for two years until one day I didn’t see him anymore. Well in the summer of 2009 leaving work too tired to walk to the trolley, I decided to catch the 31home and when the doors opened, it was love at first sight. We smiled at each other like where have you been? On 12/25/11 Michael proposed to me and now we will live happily ever after 🙂

(image credit.)