SEPTA proposes to do nothing interesting — capital improvement-wise — in Fiscal Year 2012


It’s not posted on SEPTA’s website as of this writing, but PlanPhilly’s SEPTA guru Anthony Campisi reports that SEPTA’s proposed Fiscal Year 2013 capital budget has very few bells and whistles. ¬†$59 million to buy new buses, $53 million for “vehicle overhauls”, an “early action” phase of the City Hall station project, and relocating the 15 trolley to permit the reconstruction of a part of I-95.

But, of course, there is the proposal to revamp the fare system that SEPTA’s been working on for awhile now.

Check out Campisi’s story for more details.

According to Campisi, “SEPTA is accepting written comments for its program until close of business on Feb. 10. Comments can be sent by email to”

(image credit: flickr user cgosnell90)