SEPTA’s 2013 Annual Service Plan changes don’t look too bad


Starting today at noon (and again at 5:00 pm), you can go on down to 1234 Market Street, SEPTA’s worldwide headquarters, to weigh in on the proposed 2013 Annual Service Plan. Missed today’s opportunities, a follow-up hearing will be held tomorrow at 3pm in West Chester and, of course, you can always submit your thoughts via

With continued inaction on transportation funding in Harrisburg, you might think that SEPTA would be calling for service cut backs.  You’d be wrong.

There are only a few minor tweaks to bus routes on offer.  And, based on the information that SEPTA provides (eg, the last two runs of the day for the 88 bus are being cut because “[t]he average daily passenger count for these trips is four, and the approximate cost per passenger is $18.), they don’t look so objectionable.

 (image credit: flickr user RayBanBro66)

What are SEPTA’s busiest bus, trolley, & rail lines?


Ever wondered what the busiest SEPTA routes were?

Now, courtesy of The Philadelphia Business Journal, you can wonder no more.

  1. The El
  2. Broad Street Line
  3. 23
  4. R5 (Paoli/Thorndale RR)
  5. 18
  6. 47
  7. 34 trolley
  8. 13
  9. 52
  10. 11 trolley
  11. Lansdale/Doylestown RR
  12. 36 trolley
  13. 10 trolley
  14. 4/16 (nee C)
  15. 33
  16. G
  17. 17
  18. 60
  19. West Trenton RR
  20. 14
  21. 26
  22. 42
  23. 56
  24. 15 trolley
  25. 57

I’m surprised the 21 isn’t on this list.  And where’s the 100 (aka Norristown High Speed Line)?

Any other surprises you see?

(image credit: flickr user James Cridland)