3 accidents in less than 24 hours

Between yesterday and this morning, SEPTA vehicles have been in some thick situations, including a Route 23 bus that was rear-ended by a vehicle that injured 5 people, a man hit and seriously injured by a 15 trolley, and a man hit while waiting for the train by a Lansdale-Doylestown regional rail train.

Please be careful out there!

SEPTA: At least we’re not the Pittsburgh Port Authority… yet.

So recently, in the city of my birth on the other side of the Commonwealth, a Pirates game let out at the same time as a Marilyn Manson “concert.” Not unlike when, here in Philly, a 76ers or Fliers game lets out at the same time as a Phillies “game” (at least this year): there are lots and lots of people waiting to ride SEPTA home.

But if you can believe it, it sounds like SEPTA does a much, much better job than our friends in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh’s Port Authority just can’t afford to run extra trains.  From the Post-Gazette:

But he also said the past practice of running extra trains after major events is no longer possible. With the authority facing a $64 million budget deficit and record-breaking service cuts scheduled for September, “it’s not within our financial means,” he said.

SEPTA, fortunately, hasn’t seen the kinds of service cuts that Pittsburgh’s Port Authority has experienced recently.  But if the state doesn’t get serious about enacting a real transportation funding bill, it can’t be far off.

Until then: Sorry, Pittsburgh.

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SEPTA opens new $22,000 bathroom and no, you can’t use it.

From phillyburbs.com:

For those who may be curious about the small new building along the SEPTA train tracks between the Link Belt and Chalfont stops, the answer is in.

The free-standing building is a restroom for conductors, said Kristin Geiger, a press officer with the transportation agency. She said the prefabricated unit, similar to what might be seen in a state park or at a highway rest stop, was installed after SEPTA added new railroad siding — a short stretch of track used to enable trains on the same line to pass — along Walnut Street in Chalfont.

Look, I’m all for bathrooms for regional rail conductors–even $22,000 ones–but why can’t SEPTA re-open the ones that we have in the City Hall station?

2 bus accidents and more

A route 64 bus hit a van in southwest Philadelphia on Monday.  8 people were reported injured in the accident.

A route 3 bus hit an open car door near the intersection of Frankford Ave and Kensington Ave.  Noone was reported to be injured in that accident.

Also – a second Amtrak train killed a person in less than a week, this time it happened on Thursday in Claymont, Delaware causing a delay on the Wilmington/Newark regional rail line.

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SEPTA buses & red lights

Jeff Cole was on the scene (in front of the Fox 29 station) and witnessed a bunch of SEPTA buses going through red lights.  This investigation got the attention of SEPTA administrators who issued a notice to all drivers to follow the expected safe driving practices that they are taught. 

Of note – Phlash, Greyhound, and Trolleyworks vehicles were seen blowing through red and yellow lights.