Uh oh. Is federal funding for SEPTA at risk?

National mass transit organization Transportation for America thinks so.

In a blog posting posted on Thursday, Transportation for America writes:

In a stunning development late last night, House leadership and the Ways and Means committee made a shocking attack on transit that would have huge impacts for the millions of people who depend on public transportation each day.

They proposed putting every public transportation system in immediate peril by eliminating guaranteed funding for the Mass Transit Account and forcing transit to go begging before Congress for general funds each year — all while highway spending continues to be guaranteed with protected funds for half a decade at a time.

For more information about how to register your displeasure, check out their site.


One thought on “Uh oh. Is federal funding for SEPTA at risk?

  1. That really sucks! Having people who don’t even ride public transportation decide its fate ! Millions of people will suffer ! What are they thinking (or not !)

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