Would One Kind Word address unsafe parenting on SEPTA?

Aboard route 60 to Port Richmond
Last week, Victor Fiorello of the Philadelphia Magazine’s Philly Post blog posted the latest version of the what-should-I-do-when-I-see-someone-hitting-their-kid(s)-on-SEPTA-especially-if-I’m-white-and-they’re-black.

It’s a very serious issue, of course.  And just as interesting as Fiorello’s post are the comments below it.  Including this one from a SEPTA bus driver:

As a Septa driver I feel your pain, but you need to leave it alone. It’s not a black thing at all, it’s totally an age and cultural thing. I see this whether I’m driving with white mothers, black ones, black or white fathers. It’s a serious lack of parenting. She’s a twenty something with three kids. Hmmm. Today they have absolutely no concept of what parenting is. And it’s not only that they’re abusive to their kids, they’re abusive to the other passengers as well. It’s a war zone on those buses and trolleys. And when you decide you want to say something be prepared to get what you got. Sorry to say it, but the vast majority of people riding public transportation are uneducated animals. Why do I say that? Nineteen years of seeing and hearing things that surprise me every day. It’s basically a zoo. Those other people that didn’t say anything, you may have said why they didn’t get involved, well the spit in your face tells a small part of the story. Look what happened on the rte 47 when the girl called her cronies and they shot up the bus. Do yourself a favor. If you get on keep your head down and get off at your stop.

Ordinarily, the conversation would have stopped about here.  But props to Fiorello.  In a follow-up post, he talks about One Kind Word, an initiative which, in their own words, seeks “to raise awareness about parent-child conflicts in public and empower people to step in helpfully when they see a stressed parent or a child who is unsafe.”

You can read more about One Kind Word here.

(image credit: flickr user Generic Brand Productions.)