It’s a Size Thing

Silverliner Vs have half-width cabs. Passengers like that. Anyone who’s ever ridden PATCO knows how fun it is to sit in the front seat.

Engineers, not so much. They want their full-width cabs back.

The Silverliner Vs certainly had a long design phase. I’m sure this issue came up once or twice, and SEPTA decided on the half-width cabs.

After the three pilot cars came in, there was talk of switching to full-width for the remainder of the order.

Now, it looks like SEPTA’s solution is to rope off the seats in the front. And that’s what I think is weird.

If the previous models are any indication, these cars are going to be in service for 30, 40, maybe even 50 years. Roping off the seats is something you should do for a month, maybe two.

If they don’t want passengers sitting in the front seats, they should remove the seats and possibly widen the cab. Then the debate will be over.