Across the River: Things Are Looking Grim

There’s no good news for rail coming out of our neighbors to the east, who have two projects in the pipeline that will have a large impact on the Delaware Valley.

The first, and most directly affecting Philadelphia, is the Glassboro-Camden Rail Line. DRPA has announced they want nothing to do with it:

But future spending on the line remains uncertain because of the state’s financial problems, and several DRPA board members questioned the wisdom of using DRPA money for a line that the agency won’t build or run.

The funding questions on the proposed South Jersey light-rail line came a day after the Christie administration indefinitely suspended about 100 other state-funded road and rail projects.

With a Republican in command, the state coffers empty, and lots of NIMBYs who moved next to railroad tracks never expecting trains to run on them, the future of this line is looking grim.

Not mentioned is the fate of DRPA’s proposed Market Street/Delaware Avenue trolley.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the state, Governor Christie is re-evaluating the cost of the 8 billion dollar dead-end tunnel to Macy’s basement, which would free up space in Penn Station. But, a bad plan is a bad plan:

Gov. Christie says unless he has assurances the rail line from Monstrosity by the Turnpike to Macy’s basement is affordable, he will pull the plug. Go ahead, governor. Pull away. The $8.7 billion estimate is a joke. Always was.

If the line can’t be made to go where Amtrak, the other trains and the subways are, Penn Station, kill it.

With the two big regional transit expansion projects on the chopping block, our neighbors to the south will just have to keep plugging up Route 42 every morning for the time being, while commuters headed to New York City need to be content with the Penn Station caverns for a while longer.

Meanwhile, here in Southeastern PA, when it comes to rail expansion SEPTA continues to demonstrate the old adage that if you never expect, you will never be disappointed.

Update: The tunnel is dead.