SEPTA blogs proliferate

When I started writing this blog in April 2007, there weren’t a lot of other online sources of SEPTA-related news.  But in the past few months, four SEPTA-related blogs have entered the arena:
“I ride SEPTA, just like the rest of you. It drives me batshit crazy. Share your photo, video, and audio stories with me and, with your permission, I’ll post them here.”
dob: 3/19/2009
“This blog is about how much I love SEPTA and I hope to make the case for why you also should love SEPTA.”
dob: 2/4/2009
I hate SEPTA aka Things that happened to me today on SEPTA
“A twice-daily account of my (mis)adventures commuting to Temple University from Northern Liberties and back.”
dob: 1/27/2009
We ride SEPTA aka Yet are found to be epicurean (
“There’s not much to it. Two black teens in Philadelphia with opinions out the ass, a taste for quality music,clothing,and kicks.Artistically inclined,with heads on their shoulders.Possibly perceived as arrogant (and bourgeois) because of the material things..But at the end of the day,fuck you.We ride septa too.  ~Deuces, Nya Ari and Samir S”
dob: 5/23/2008
They joined a couple stalwarts like:
“philadelphia metro region transportation issues”
dob: 5/27/07
“There is nothing extraordinary about a man with a baby. Most men have them. Some have them and don’t even know it. Yet fellow SCHLEPTA riders address me by “I know you! You’re the Man with the Baby!” So this is the story of a man with a kid on a trolley in a big small town.”
dob: 3/29/06
All these new blogs are making me feel like Frankford Terminal Blog (2002-2008), the godfather of them all.
(Did I miss any others?  Let me know in the comments.)
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4 thoughts on “SEPTA blogs proliferate

  1. I think that Septa Kid is now defunct, as I believe they moved out of state.

  2. Yeah, it is weird, that people want a voice in something that they take everyday…

    Wait, no it isn’t…

    Seriously, you should take it as a complement and credit that you got yours up and running almost daily and inspired others to do so the same and blog about the evil/valuable SEPTA… I know you keep me working on my project, which hopefully will be ready soon.

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