Preparing for a possible SEPTA strike this weekend

SEPTA and its Transit Workers Union representing bus, subway, and trolley operators and mechanics are negotiating hard this week in the hopes of averting a strike this weekend.

Here’s the Inquirer:
The TWU is seeking 6 percent annual raises and a $25-per-month increase in pension payments for each year of service. SEPTA has not made a wage-and-benefits offer, but its proposed budget for next fiscal year assumes a 3 percent increase in labor costs and a nearly 8 percent increase in fringe benefits.

What will happen if a strike occurs?  Here’s a link to SEPTA’s guide to dealing with the strike.  And here’s a link to the Bike Coalition’s Bike the Strike blog.  For most city residents, biking (or carpooling or walking) may be the only good option.
By the way, if you’re keeping track, SEPTA unions have gone on strike 11 times in the last 33 years.  The last strike by the TWU, in 2005, lasted seven days (per the Inquirer.)
UPDATE:  TWU now says they won’t be striking this weekend.  Probably a good move, guys, since it doesn’t look the riding public is on your side right now.
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2 thoughts on “Preparing for a possible SEPTA strike this weekend

  1. So far, there hasn’t been a Strike Authorization vote from the TWU. They were supposed to vote on March 1st, but that was called off.Also, TWU leader Willie Brown has publicly stated that there wont be a work stoppage on Sunday.The general feeling among the Union is no one wants a strike due to the poor economy and the repercussions a strike will create.However keep these dates in mind:March 15th –Contract expires for TWU 234 workers representing City Transit Division. Mechanics and TWU workers at Victory Depot and 69th Street Shops also affected.April 1st –Contract expires for UTU 1594 workers representing Red Arrow Division operators out of Victory District.April 8th –Contract expires for TWU 234 workers representing Frontier District.TWU could possibly hold out until next month where a 3 way strike between each union can have maximum damage.

  2. The word on the street–and from at least one SEPTA vehicle operator, is "Strike Vote on October 25."

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