SEPTA opposes school bullies

Why can’t SEPTA operators give change at the El or BSL booths? They’re too busy. Why can’t they keep ticket windows open longer on the Regional Rail? Not enough staff. The answers to a lot of our complaints against SEPTA often comes down to that: we’re too busy & we don’t have enough staff.

We often see SEPTA employees reading the newspaper while on the job. But one SEPTA employee took it the next step this week but writing a a letter to the editor from his SEPTA email account complaining about school bullies.

From Monday’s Inquirer:

The system failed

While those at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and the Colonial school board are congratulating themselves, a young boy and his family are being made to suffer even more (“Many helped avert tragedy at Plymouth Whitemarsh,” Oct. 29).

Who was protecting Dillon Cossey? He was terrorized so much at school over the years that his family chose to home-school him. Did the teachers stop the bullying? The principal? The school board? These very people who are congratulating themselves are also the ones who let the conditions exist that resulted in the threat.

Schools need to take action to protect the students who are “different.” There is no doubt in my mind that action should be taken against those who failed Dillon. They are the ones who provided the seeds for the problem.

Mike Klaene

Mike, I agree with you that school bullying is a problem. But our fares don’t pay your salary so you can send letters to the editor.

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  1. Be sure that the letter was <>NOT<> sent from my office at SEPTA. Nor do I read the paper will at work. I did provide the Inquirer with my SEPTA email address as a way for them to verify my identity only. The only email address they were authorized to use was the one for my home account.

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