Faye Moore stepping down?

Is SEPTA General Manager Faye Moore on her way out? Looks that way.

Yesterday, Pennsylvanians for Transportation Solutions sent out the email excerpted below inviting folks to a “Farewell, Faye! Reception” on January 23 at the Pyramid Club. It’s co-sponsored by the Philadelphia chapter of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials and WTS (“Advancing Women in Transportation.”)

Now who could fill her shoes?

5 thoughts on “Faye Moore stepping down?

  1. I don’t know, but this is terrific news! Faye Moore always seemed to be annoyed that there were actual human beings riding her trains. And we didn’t like her very much either! I think the disembodied female voice that announces the stops on the El trains would be a better ambassador than Faye Moore. Good riddance, I say.

  2. This is great news. Let’s just hope that the suburbs and the city can start to work together. If more subways are in the city, this would keep the roads more open for the suburbanites to drive on…

  3. Faye Moore was an incompetent disaster with an indifferent and dismissive attitude problem towards customers.Good riddance. Now let’s get rid of Richard Baloney and Pat Deon!

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