Reading Viaduct. Still Abandoned.

Dragonballyee went up to the abandoned Reading Viaduct the other day and took some beautiful pictures. Check them out here.

The Viaduct is an elevated commuter rail trestle that runs diagonally from about 11th and Vine up to 9th and Fairmount. It was abandoned after the tunnel was opened under the Gallery mall but deemed too expensive to demolish.

So it continues to stand today.

(image credit.)

3 thoughts on “Reading Viaduct. Still Abandoned.

  1. It is important to restore much of the passenger and especially freight lines in the USA. That said, I don’t think much of what is left of this line can be usefully turned into a new SEPTA subway/el line. Instead I have long been advocating that this track been turned into a park, much line NYC’s

  2. We all just need to help in the effort. Start talking about it with your friends and neighbors. Local politicians will begin to hear. Imagine a car free path and park linking many naighborhoods. Just like the Schylkill River park does.

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