SEPTA engineers don’t want new Silverliners

How many times have we regional rail riders seen SEPTA engineers gossiping and laughing and flirting and, yes, smoking with their friends riding up in the cabs with them?

Well, the new Silverliner V regional rail cars shrink the engineers’ cabs in order to put in more seats.  And, according to a story in the Inquirer published last week, the engineers are not pleased.
Train engineers, unhappy with the subway-style operating compartments planned for the new cars, have asked for cabs that extend the full width of the cars, like those in current SEPTA trains. They say it’s a matter of safety, security and privacy.

Let’s see if I get this right.  SEPTA engineers don’t like the cars because:

  • They think they’re more likely to be hurt in an accident.
  • There’s no room for their books.
  • They don’t like riders looking out the front window.
  • They want to be able to talk to their coworkers without riders listening in on them.
God bless the SEPTA employees, but methinks they doth protest too much here.  The real reason the engineers don’t like the new cabs?  They’re not big enough to have their friends ride with them. 
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5 thoughts on “SEPTA engineers don’t want new Silverliners

  1. Agreed. Plus they’re afraid of change. If SEPTA were to go with transverse cabs, they’ll lose 4 seats. As, the representative at the mockup says, SEPTA is in the transportation business.

  2. It’s my understanding that each of the new silverliners can seat less passengers than the current fleet. There goes 4 more seats if this goes through…

  3. Change indeed… I’m guessing that the SEPTA engineers are also afraid of the fact that these trains are far more automated than any previous ones. How will they justify their continued existence if they can’t change signs and randomly call out stops? Walk up and down the rows and actually do their job? OH NO! I’m sure they are aware that there are regional rail systems elsewhere (i.e. Japan) that don’t even need engineers for ticket taking or crowd control. So if we get to that point, what would happen to the SEPTA engineers? One word: strike.

  4. Get informed!! First of all, understand the difference between a conductor and engineer! Second, confidential information is actually discussed up front. and third, i’m sure you would not want to see some of the sites a locomotive engineer encounters on a daily basis. Overall, these people do an excellent job!!!

  5. Yeah all of you have a point. Maybe SEPTA engineers will strike if they have a rail system like Japan.

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