Washington Post travel writer visits, rides SEPTA, puts on a good face

The Washington Post’s travel story over the weekend featured an article about the author’s recent carless trip to Philadelphia.

SEPTA’s doesn’t make such a good impression, alas.

“Hello, I’m a tourist,” I joked. The worker didn’t laugh.

He took my pass and punched the month — March. Except the date was April 3. He handed it back with a vague sort-of apology. The rest of the day, I was sure that my guilty conscience was showing as I flashed the mispunched pass at transit employees. …

On the train back downtown afterward, I was feeling tired from my day of mass-transit touring and had to urge myself to stay alert.

Good thing I was paying attention: The automated station announcements were out of sync, lagging one behind where we actually were….

Then the bus drove past me on the street perpendicular to the one I was on. I ran around the corner to chase it down, but the driver waved me away. It was time for his break. Of course.

Only as I was catching my breath did I see the sign for the bus stop and a line of waiting riders. How an out-of-towner is supposed to know to go nearly a block past where the listed stop is, I don’t know.

But there are some great photos in the story online.

One thought on “Washington Post travel writer visits, rides SEPTA, puts on a good face

  1. I’ll just re-post what I put on Facebook, this article should’ve been titled:

    “Travel writer fails to plan weekend trip; goes to far-flung, out-of-the-way attractions at the end of the day; fails to see clearly marked bus stops; thinks that online system should tell her whether she should board a bus going with or against her intended travel direction; somehow blames Septa for her not realizing that the Urban Outfitters in the Navy Yard is the headquarters, likewise not realizing she boarded the subway only a few blocks from their flagship stores; and is, above all, an idiot.”

    There were a few Septa fails, too, but mostly she’s just incredibly, incredibly incompetent.

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