My heart skips a beat for you, Reading Viaduct

Man, we’ve been talking about the Reading Viaduct (here, too) since like May 2008.  That was before it was cool, yo.

And now, via, the surprisingly informative website with the regrettable name, comes some pretty awesome photos of what could really be.

Want more?  The Center City District has an 11-page power point available here (pdf).

Meanwhile, Hidden City Philadelphia reports that the Reading RR Company has started to pull up the old railroad tracks.  So close?


2 thoughts on “My heart skips a beat for you, Reading Viaduct

  1. Nice…
    But come on.. It won’t happen. Just like the ACC Tower Failure on 18th and arch. And the Disney Hole now still a parking lot. I am a citizen that wants this cool park.. but philly never moves on anything, if they wanted it they be outside right now working on it.. it’s been a thought since 2008.. it’s 2012.. it won’t happen. Sorry to be a downer… I live right near the viaduct, I want it…

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