Closed SEPTA things I’d like to see open

My post earlier this week about the abandoned trolley terminals in the anchorages of the Ben Franklin Bridge got me to thinking how much I’d love to check them out.  And that, of course, got me to thinking about two SEPTA things that are closed that I’d like to see open.

First, the tunnel from the El station into 30th Street Station.  I sure would be great to be able to scoot through the tunnel and into 30th Street Station again without going above ground.

Second, the abandoned newsstand at City Hall Station.  I know the big redevelopment of City Hall Station is on ice until Capitol improvement money can be found.  But it would be great to pick up a Daily News or a snack from this old newsstand while I’m waiting for the El.  As I recall, this newsstand is only being used for storage now.