The trolley secrets of the Ben Franklin Bridge

One of the coolest views from public transit, in my book, is the view from PATCO as you cross the Ben Franklin Bridge.  (Second place?  Perhaps the unexpectedly sublime view of Tinicum Nature Reserve as you take the R1 into the airport.)

But what about the view of public transit inside the Ben Franklin Bridge?

The Courier-Post takes its readers inside the Bridge to explore the public transit infrastructure inside.

The most surprising stop on the tour, though, is the cavernous chamber beneath the lightning bolt sculpture near the foot of the bridge in Philadelphia.

The shadowy space, bigger than a football field, was designed as a trolley transfer station – but never saw that use.

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One thought on “The trolley secrets of the Ben Franklin Bridge

  1. Thanks for this!

    Some years ago, WHYY (TV-12) ran a series called Secrets beneath the streets- the proposed trolley station under the BenFranklin was one of the topics.

    Here’s the YouTube Clip

    (note Frankford El Subway extension!)

    Here is the main article

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