Our dear friends in New York have some issues to work out

I was up in New York City this weekend.  It was pretty great from a transit perspective.  In 24 hours, I rode the trolley, Amtrak, a taxi, a ferry, the subway, New Jersey Transit, and my brother’s car.  Oh, and I also ran over 13 miles.

On one of my trips on the subway, I spotted these two adverts.  Clearly, someone has some issues they need to work on.

One thought on “Our dear friends in New York have some issues to work out

  1. NYC has the worst, most inefficient, terribly thought out, non-accessible transit system which is run mostly on IOU’s. Their railcars are all cheaply made and won’t last too long, the people up there suck just like the city itself. NJ Transit has a bunch of old SEPTA railcars, and those are the only ones which run the best because SEPTA takes care of them. SEPTA essentially keeps NJT running.

    NJT uses those inefficient push-pull trains when SEPTA has EMU cars which stop on a dime. NJT and MTA both use dirty diesel buses unlike us which have Hybrids. They also don’t use green technologies that Philly has such as regenerative braking, because they can’t afford to even pay the bills. Too many crooked senators and congressman up there. Everything about NY sucks.

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