Zoo building new parking garage. Is a new rail stop far behind?

Philadelphia Zoo ca. 1920
Until my daughter was born three years ago, I had managed to live in Philadelphia for nearly a decade without ever going to the Zoo.

In the past year, I’ve become a member and visited practically every other month.

It’s a pain to get there on SEPTA from where I live, so normally I ride my bike.

So I wasn’t all that excited to hear last week that the Zoo plans on spending $24 million to build a parking garage off of Girard Ave, just west of the zoo.  But I was excited to hear that they still intend to push for a stop on the Regional Rail.  Now that would be exciting!

Judging from the comments on this forum, it might just have some interest.  I sure would use that stop.  And if rider/writer Jeff’s email to us here at SEPTAwatch.com is correct, a rail stop behind the zoo might have added benefits as well:

My reason for pushing for a Zoo stop on Amtrak’s N E Corridor Line is so N. J. Transit’s Atlantic City Rail Line trains could also stop there. Having the ability to take N. J. Transit rail passengers directly to the Philadelphia Zoo will enhance ridership on the Atlantic City line. That, coupled with a stop at North Philadelphia Station, use of the new dual mode locomotives and the terminus being at a centrally located Suburban Station will greatly improve the viability of the Atlantic City Rail Line.

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One thought on “Zoo building new parking garage. Is a new rail stop far behind?

  1. Terrible idea. It will just slow down the RR.

    This concept of bringing back old stops, whoever thought of it, is a pure idiot. They were eliminated because of low traffic. More stops mean a longer ride, which is not appealing at all for those with a car looking to use SEPTA to perhaps get downtown. More stops mean a longer ride. You want SEPTA to be the best alternative. it already is, but with more unnecessary stops, it will not be a good alternative at all.

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