Phlash is back (!) with some changes

Per usual, at the beginning of May, the beloved purple Phlash trolley returns to our downtown streets.

This year, Phlash features some changes: consolidated stops, an extension up to Eastern St Penitentiary, and some reduction in service, including just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during May, September, and October.

But the rumor on the streets (ha!) had it that Phlash was gone for good – so the good news is that as of tomorrow, you will be able to use your SEPTA pass (or Phlash pass) to ride around downtown, up the Parkway, and over to the Centennial District.

Here is the new map.

Finally an end to the gender stickers!

RAGE (Riders Against Gender Exclusion) has been working on getting SEPTA to remove the M and F gender stickers on trail and transpasses since 2009.  And finally, a resolution!

The stickers will be removed from passes starting in the 2nd half of 2013.

From the RAGE press release:

As a result of discussions with RAGE and significant activism from the local transgender community, in addition to letters and e-mails from transgender people and allies around the world, Mr. [Joseph] Casey has at last agreed to submit a proposal to the [SEPTA] board of directors asking for the gender stickers to be removed from all passes in late 2013, the soonest date the policy can be changed.

(Image credit:Timothy McLaughlin)

Clean Subway Stairs, Finally!

Here is a comment that we received yesterday from a daily commuter:

“For the first time in at least 2 years, the stairs heading to the eastbound platform at the 60th Street Station on the Market-Frankford Line were powerwashed.”

Well, thank you for the update – and we can assume that you are putting in a request for much more frequent cleaning of the subway stairs!

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By popular vote, meet SEPTA’s top lovers

Last month, we told you about SEPTA’s contest to find riders who had found love while riding SEPTA.

The votes have been tabulated, the results are in, the press releases have been issued, and the love train has left the stadium.

We have a winner:

Love Found On Route 31

Our eyes first met in the fall of 2006, I caught Michael’s bus(31) on time every morning. I said good morning He said hello. I took my seat. This went on for two years until one day I didn’t see him anymore. Well in the summer of 2009 leaving work too tired to walk to the trolley, I decided to catch the 31home and when the doors opened, it was love at first sight. We smiled at each other like where have you been? On 12/25/11 Michael proposed to me and now we will live happily ever after 🙂

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We interrupt this SEPTA blog to bring you important bike news


This is a SEPTA blog.  We know that.  But occasionally, something so exciting comes along that we’ve just got to step aside for a hot minute and let you know about some other things.

If you’ve ever rode your bicycle over the beautiful Benjamin Franklin bridge, you know this feeling.  It’s a great ride with great views and you’re coming down on the Camden side and you see the stadium and then you have to stop.  And get off your bike.  And put it on your shoulder.  And walk down two flights of stairs.  It makes no sense.

The Greater Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition reports last week that after years of advocacy, this may all be changing.

[T]he Delaware River Port Authority Finance Committee voted unanimously to approve the designation of $350,000 to design a ramp for walkers and cyclists on the Camden side of the South Walkway of the Ben Franklin Bridge. This ramp will replace the current treacherous three story stair tower.

Stay tuned for more information.  And now back to your regularly scheduled SEPTA news.

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