Washington Post travel writer visits, rides SEPTA, puts on a good face

The Washington Post’s travel story over the weekend featured an article about the author’s recent carless trip to Philadelphia.

SEPTA’s doesn’t make such a good impression, alas.

“Hello, I’m a tourist,” I joked. The worker didn’t laugh.

He took my pass and punched the month — March. Except the date was April 3. He handed it back with a vague sort-of apology. The rest of the day, I was sure that my guilty conscience was showing as I flashed the mispunched pass at transit employees. …

On the train back downtown afterward, I was feeling tired from my day of mass-transit touring and had to urge myself to stay alert.

Good thing I was paying attention: The automated station announcements were out of sync, lagging one behind where we actually were….

Then the bus drove past me on the street perpendicular to the one I was on. I ran around the corner to chase it down, but the driver waved me away. It was time for his break. Of course.

Only as I was catching my breath did I see the sign for the bus stop and a line of waiting riders. How an out-of-towner is supposed to know to go nearly a block past where the listed stop is, I don’t know.

But there are some great photos in the story online.

Buy your very own paper replica of the infamous SEPTA crash into Monk’s

Ahhh, one of those unforgettable moments in life.

We are so glad local artist Ronnie Ribant took the effort to create this paper model commemorating the oh-so-unfortunate accident between a SEPTA bus and Monk’s Cafe.

One question comes to mind – was it a Route 33 bus, as depicted in the paper model (photos from the crash) that was on a severe detour at 2:15 am on a Tuesday?  It was probably a Route 2 bus that was actually running on time. 

For only $18?  How can you not buy this?


113 bus rear-ended on MacDade Boulevard injuring 14, including bus driver

Reports of the 113 bus getting into a bad accident last Friday on MacDade Boulevard:

An investigation is continuing into a crash involving a passenger car and a SEPTA bus that sent 14 people to three area hospitals Friday afternoon, police said.

The crash occurred on MacDade Boulevard, near Willows Avenue, at 12:45 p.m, Police Chief Robert Adams said.

According to Adams, a silver Chevy Impala heading east rear-ended the bus in the 1200 block of MacDade Boulevard, near the Aldi Supermarket.

The bus was stopped “as a result of a pedestrian flagging down the bus to have the bus pick them up,” Adams said. She later provided a witness statement.

61-year-old killed by SEPTA bus for alleging trying to board through rear door

Philly.com is reporting

A 61-year-old man was killed today when he apparently tried to board a SEPTA bus through the rear door and was dragged under the vehicle in North Philadelphia, police said.

The victim, not identified, was pronounced dead on arrival at Hahnemann University Hospital.

Police said initial reports indicated he tried to board the eastbound Route 15 bus on Girard Avenue at North 8th Street about 9:25 a.m., but the door closed and his arm got caught.

The bus then took off and he was dragged under the vehicle and run over, police said.

An investigation is under way.

SEPTA said a bus was operating in stead of the Route 15 trolley because of work in the area.

SEPTA’s 2013 Annual Service Plan changes don’t look too bad


Starting today at noon (and again at 5:00 pm), you can go on down to 1234 Market Street, SEPTA’s worldwide headquarters, to weigh in on the proposed 2013 Annual Service Plan. Missed today’s opportunities, a follow-up hearing will be held tomorrow at 3pm in West Chester and, of course, you can always submit your thoughts via septa.org.

With continued inaction on transportation funding in Harrisburg, you might think that SEPTA would be calling for service cut backs.  You’d be wrong.

There are only a few minor tweaks to bus routes on offer.  And, based on the information that SEPTA provides (eg, the last two runs of the day for the 88 bus are being cut because “[t]he average daily passenger count for these trips is four, and the approximate cost per passenger is $18.), they don’t look so objectionable.

 (image credit: flickr user RayBanBro66)

SEPTA lightning round to end the week

There was too much SEPTA news this week to fit into a couple of blog postings.  So it’s Friday, so let’s leave you with these:

(image credit.)