SEPTA’s shockingly bad floor “art” in Spring Garden BSL station

In 2009, SEPTA issued a call to artists to liven up the Spring Garden BSL station as part of its Art in Transit program.  At the time, I was still stewing that SEPTA had rejected the How Philly Moves project for the 46th Street El, choosing, instead, a bland sculpture of a couple people dancing.

Well, the Spring Garden BSL project has now been installed.  And it’s, well, rather underwhelming.

It’s a series of pictures on the platform floor by artist Margery Amdur.  It’s been roundly panned by the commenters on Philadelphia Speaks (“looks like someone vomitted on the floor,” “crap ass tile and ugly art,” “The workmanship is beyond abysmal,” and “fugly.”)

It ain’t pretty.

Meanwhile, the rejected project for the 46th Street El Station?  It’s been installed on a much larger scale on the parking garage at the Airport.  And it looks terrific.

Thug at Olney Transportation Center tells bizarre story then mugs five men

Spend much time at the Olney Transportation Center on the BSL?  Are you a man between the ages of 17 and 20?  Watch out for an armed mugger.

Action News reports:

Northwest Philadelphia investigators say [a suspect has] targeted up to five men, ages 17 to 20, at different SEPTA stops along Broad Street including the Olney Transportation Center.

The man, seen in surveillance wearing a New Jersey Nets jacket, delivered a farfetched story about how his brother was just killed and dumped into a nearby trashcan.

Then, he told the victims not only did he have a gun pointed at them, he was wearing body armor and a wire.

The suspect is described as a black male, with dark complexion, in his 40s, about 6 feet to 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a scruffy beard and a dark build.


Sunday morning truce broken at Snyder Station

Several media outlets are reporting a ridiculous crime that happened this past Sunday morning, Jan 29th, at 9:15am at the Snyder station on the Broad Street Line.

Apparently, some punk doesn’t know about the Sunday morning truce and held up a rider on the concourse leading to the Snyder station.

And for what? Lottery tickets? Sheesh.