3 accidents in less than 24 hours

Between yesterday and this morning, SEPTA vehicles have been in some thick situations, including a Route 23 bus that was rear-ended by a vehicle that injured 5 people, a man hit and seriously injured by a 15 trolley, and a man hit while waiting for the train by a Lansdale-Doylestown regional rail train.

Please be careful out there!

SEPTA opens new $22,000 bathroom and no, you can’t use it.

From phillyburbs.com:

For those who may be curious about the small new building along the SEPTA train tracks between the Link Belt and Chalfont stops, the answer is in.

The free-standing building is a restroom for conductors, said Kristin Geiger, a press officer with the transportation agency. She said the prefabricated unit, similar to what might be seen in a state park or at a highway rest stop, was installed after SEPTA added new railroad siding — a short stretch of track used to enable trains on the same line to pass — along Walnut Street in Chalfont.

Look, I’m all for bathrooms for regional rail conductors–even $22,000 ones–but why can’t SEPTA re-open the ones that we have in the City Hall station?

Suicide on Regional Rail tracks for murder suspect

A local man, Thomas Borden, who was a suspect for a murder in NYC, was in hot pursuit by police near the Jenkintown train station when he jumped in front of a West Trenton Regional Rail Line train at approximately 11 am.

Update: here is video footage of the police investigation.  Scroll to the bottom of that link for an interview with his ex-girlfriend.

SEPTA lightning round to end the week

There was too much SEPTA news this week to fit into a couple of blog postings.  So it’s Friday, so let’s leave you with these:

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