Our dear friends in New York have some issues to work out

I was up in New York City this weekend.  It was pretty great from a transit perspective.  In 24 hours, I rode the trolley, Amtrak, a taxi, a ferry, the subway, New Jersey Transit, and my brother’s car.  Oh, and I also ran over 13 miles.

On one of my trips on the subway, I spotted these two adverts.  Clearly, someone has some issues they need to work on.

Grocery shopping while waiting for the train?

Philadelphia’s transit system is the pilot project for an advertising program from internet grocery chain Peapod.  Peapod hopes to attract riders to purchase groceries while waiting for the next train through their colorful advertising, which is designed to look like an aisle in the grocery store.  If you want to buy something, you need to upload the store app and then scan a QR code, which enables you to purchase groceries from GIANT grocery stores and have the products delivered to your home. 

I could see this being very helpful during the weekend or late evening when the 1 hour+ headways can be a miserable wait!

Let us know if you actually try this out!

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