Phlash is back (!) with some changes

Per usual, at the beginning of May, the beloved purple Phlash trolley returns to our downtown streets.

This year, Phlash features some changes: consolidated stops, an extension up to Eastern St Penitentiary, and some reduction in service, including just Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during May, September, and October.

But the rumor on the streets (ha!) had it that Phlash was gone for good – so the good news is that as of tomorrow, you will be able to use your SEPTA pass (or Phlash pass) to ride around downtown, up the Parkway, and over to the Centennial District.

Here is the new map.

Center City District reports: Most transit commuters in over a decade!

The Center City District released its 2012 State of Center City report today.

Take a look at the transportation section.

The combined average weekday number of passengers traveling to and from Center City by SEPTA, PATCO, and NJ Transit in 2011 increased to the highest number in over a decade. 

It is a great report with really beautiful graphics!

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Suicide on Regional Rail tracks for murder suspect

A local man, Thomas Borden, who was a suspect for a murder in NYC, was in hot pursuit by police near the Jenkintown train station when he jumped in front of a West Trenton Regional Rail Line train at approximately 11 am.

Update: here is video footage of the police investigation.  Scroll to the bottom of that link for an interview with his ex-girlfriend.

Finally an end to the gender stickers!

RAGE (Riders Against Gender Exclusion) has been working on getting SEPTA to remove the M and F gender stickers on trail and transpasses since 2009.  And finally, a resolution!

The stickers will be removed from passes starting in the 2nd half of 2013.

From the RAGE press release:

As a result of discussions with RAGE and significant activism from the local transgender community, in addition to letters and e-mails from transgender people and allies around the world, Mr. [Joseph] Casey has at last agreed to submit a proposal to the [SEPTA] board of directors asking for the gender stickers to be removed from all passes in late 2013, the soonest date the policy can be changed.

(Image credit:Timothy McLaughlin)

Ditch car, take transit, save $

Philadelphia ranks 6th in the country for cities where you can save money by getting rid of a car.  This ranking comes from the American Public Transportation Association and assumes that you buy a monthly pass and uses various facts and figures regarding costs of driving and parking from AAA and Colliers International. 

Here are the top 20 cities, ranked in order of how much a 2-person household would save if it got rid of one car.

  City Monthly Yearly
1 New York $1,224 $14,684
2 Boston $1,134 $13,602
3 San Francisco $1,116 $13,393
4 Seattle $1,012 $12,145
5 Chicago $1,006 $12,069
6 Philadelphia $983 $11,795
7 Honolulu $964 $11,573
8 Los Angeles $922 $11,067
9 San Diego $893 $10,717
10 Minneapolis $885 $10,619
11 Portland $877 $10,525
12 Washington, DC $876 $10,514
13 Denver $869 $10,430
14 Baltimore $857 $10,290
15 Cleveland $842 $10,104
16 Miami $813 $9,756
17 Dallas $802 $9,625
18 Atlanta $796 $9,558
19 Pittsburgh $791 $9,491
20 Las Vegas $788 $9,458