3 accidents in less than 24 hours

Between yesterday and this morning, SEPTA vehicles have been in some thick situations, including a Route 23 bus that was rear-ended by a vehicle that injured 5 people, a man hit and seriously injured by a 15 trolley, and a man hit while waiting for the train by a Lansdale-Doylestown regional rail train.

Please be careful out there!

2 bus accidents and more

A route 64 bus hit a van in southwest Philadelphia on Monday.  8 people were reported injured in the accident.

A route 3 bus hit an open car door near the intersection of Frankford Ave and Kensington Ave.  Noone was reported to be injured in that accident.

Also – a second Amtrak train killed a person in less than a week, this time it happened on Thursday in Claymont, Delaware causing a delay on the Wilmington/Newark regional rail line.

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SEPTA buses & red lights

Jeff Cole was on the scene (in front of the Fox 29 station) and witnessed a bunch of SEPTA buses going through red lights.  This investigation got the attention of SEPTA administrators who issued a notice to all drivers to follow the expected safe driving practices that they are taught. 

Of note – Phlash, Greyhound, and Trolleyworks vehicles were seen blowing through red and yellow lights.