Back in April, I took a job in California and moved across the country. I kept the site up with the thought that I might keep writing here, but that isn’t the case.

The site will remain up for posterity, but no new content will be added.

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It’s a Size Thing

Silverliner Vs have half-width cabs. Passengers like that. Anyone who’s ever ridden PATCO knows how fun it is to sit in the front seat.

Engineers, not so much. They want their full-width cabs back.

The Silverliner Vs certainly had a long design phase. I’m sure this issue came up once or twice, and SEPTA decided on the half-width cabs.

After the three pilot cars came in, there was talk of switching to full-width for the remainder of the order.

Now, it looks like SEPTA’s solution is to rope off the seats in the front. And that’s what I think is weird.

If the previous models are any indication, these cars are going to be in service for 30, 40, maybe even 50 years. Roping off the seats is something you should do for a month, maybe two.

If they don’t want passengers sitting in the front seats, they should remove the seats and possibly widen the cab. Then the debate will be over.

The Book of Faces

SEPTA Watch has a Facebook page now, although it had to be called “Septa Watch” because Facebook doesn’t like capital letters.

If you’re into that sort of thing, you can find the Like button on the right in the Social box.

No More “Dawhs Closin”

Citypaper is reporting a confirmation from SEPTA that the voice on the BSL to announce the closing doors has indeed changed.

SEPTA spokesperson Jerriah Williams confirms that the voice from above has, indeed, been changed throughout the Broad Street Line. Williams said the announcement changes were made in Sept. 2010 when Pattison Station was updated to what is now AT&T Station.

They’ve conveniently posted some comparison sound samples for you as well:

The old

The new

Farewell, hurried voice lady.

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Across the River: More Google Transit

Good news for everyone going in and out of Jersey regularly. PATCO schedules have returned to Google Transit.

That means that you can effectively plan trips throughout the region now that SEPTA, NJ Transit, and PATCO are all available.

Smartphone users with GPS will certainly benefit the most from this.

Now, if we could just get BusView running on more routes and on mobile devices, we’d really be on to something.


What happened in the concourse yesterday afternoon is completely unacceptable.

An 18-year old and a 16-year old were randomly attacked and robbed at 3 in the afternoon under Broad and Chestnut by a mob of hoodlums. This was only moments after a 15-year old was attacked in the concourse near the Municipal Services Building.

40 cameras in the concourse and not a single one caught the incident. No police in sight.

Apparently SEPTA and Mayor Nutter learned nothing from Patrick Conroy, and the result is a disgraceful statement about Center City, SEPTA, the Philadelphia Police, and the Nutter administration.